“To live, according to this sense of the word,
we must not only observe and learn, we must also feel;
we must not be mere spectators of action, we must act;
we must not describe, but be subjects of description.
Deep sorrow must have been the inmate of our bosoms;
fraud must have lain in wait for us; the artful must have deceived us;
sickening doubt and false hope must have chequered our days;
hilarity and joy, that lap the soul in ecstasy, must at times have possessed us.
Who that knows what ‘life’ is, would pine for this feverish species of existence?

I have lived. I have spent days and nights of festivity;
I have joined in ambitious hopes, and exulted in victory:
now – shut the door on the world,
build high the wall that is to separate me from the troubled scene enacted within its precincts.
Let us live for each other and for happiness;
let us seek peace in our dear home, near the inland murmur of streams,
the gracious waving of trees, the beauteous vesture of earth, and sublime pageantry of the skies.
Let us leave ‘life’, that we may live.”

The Last Man, Mary Shelley